Hanleys Premium Confectionery is a luxury British Chocolatier based in our HQ in Cheshire & our production kitchens in Staffordshire....

From our humble beginnings in our kitchen in Nantwich where we developed our early chocolate bar & truffles ideas to the modern facilities we are based in today, we have remained true to our roots about being passionate about creating great tasting affordable luxury chocolate for everyone to enjoy !  Furthermore we are equally as passionate & proud about creating & sustaining British jobs particularly in North Staffordshire & South Cheshire where we operate from.

Our Chocolate

Our Estate grown cocoa beans are a combination of the very rare Criollo cocoa bean which represents 2% of the world's production and Forestero cocoa beans which are cultivated in Mexico.

The cocoa trees are planted deliberately in a shaded area where trees are purposefully grown to protect the cocoa plantation from direct sunlight.  This produces a rich, high quality cocoa crop which are harvested & then roasted in their entire shells which retains the natural flavours, textures & aromas of the cocoa beans which in turn produce a more intense, complex & deeper cocoa flavour resulting in much finer & purer cocoa particles.  The chocolate is then conched in Belgium hence the term ' Belgian Chocolate' and created into small chocolate drops.

We then as skilled chocolatiers temper these chocolate drops into a smooth luxury liquid form which stabilises at 29 degrees and we can then create our indulgent signature range of luxury Belgian chocolate bars. These are blended & infused with all things sweet & savoury to create a unique taste experience where everyone has a favourite or two! (Coming Soon - Click here to see our video XXX)

We have also put together a mouthwatering collection of luxury Swiss chocolate truffles with a contemporary style & taste to suit all ages such as our smooth gloopy Salted Caramel truffle to our exquisite Marc de Champagne truffle collection.....sophisticated but most importantly great tasting!

We have also created a great tasting range of luxury 'No Added Sugar' Belgian chocolate bars which are suitable for people managing their sugar intake such as diabetics.  We use 'Maltitol' http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-maltitol.htm as the perfect sugar replacement.

So if this is your first time with Hanleys, what are you waiting for? enjoy looking through the selection, order it, tell your friends, like us on Facebook & enjoy eating it! Go on treat yourself!

Emily - Head of Hanleys Happy Chocolate Customers

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